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The "Communion Shop" Dresses & Bolero's, Tiara's, Shoes, Bags, Socks & Tights all under one roof!

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Don't miss out on choosing from the biggest range of dresses we've ever had! 


We also hold the biggest collection of First Holy Communion Dresses including Plus Sizes, Shoes and Accessories in Hertfordshire!!

Introducing the Bridal Showroom with a difference! - This one's all about the Bridesmaids!! Sorry Brides but let everyone else in your wedding party have just as much fun trying on dresses as you did, let them help you design the Bridesmaid and Flower Girl dresses. Pick and Mix from a range of bodices and skirts, accessorise with Sashes and Bow in same or contrast colours to make your own collection of dresses to match your theme. (We do supply Adults too but then after all we are just big kids at heart!) See for yourself, their is much more to chose from in our showroom.

 For all enquiries or to book an appointment please call "The Occasion Room" on 07949 255455

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Busy B's Bridesmaid Dresses at the Occasion Room by Suzanne Francey

 Thank you for viewing our stock on-line, more items are being delivered daily therefore there is always more available in the showroom than you can see on-line and dresses can be made to order in over 70 fabric/colour and size variations, with or without sleeves and ballerina or full length 

Your reviews and opinions are valued.

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Monday to Saturday 10am - 4pm (Evening and Sunday possible)

By Appointment only please call 07949 255455

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